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Matt Croak Weighs in on Industry Trends for 2019

Agent Entrepreneur recently published an article, AE Industry Trends for 2019. President of Wise F&I, Matt Croak, weighed in along with other industry leaders, about the state of the industry and thoughts about what’s ahead in 2019 for F&I. One topic

Wise F&I Now Offering GAPWise Protection for Marine Vessels

Wise F&I introduces GAPWise coverage for private passenger marine vessels; the latest in a full suite of Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) products offered for most vehicles on the road—and off. GAPWise is a voluntary automotive protection product that provides coverage

Miles for California

Fenton-based Mid America Logistics, one of the fastest growing technology-enabled logistics companies in North America, is teaming up with Wise F&I, one of the nation’s largest providers of automotive asset protection services, to give much-needed support to those affected by