When a vehicle has a theft deterrent system, it can help to prevent the vehicle from being stolen. And, with a theft deterrent system, it greatly improves the ability for the police to recover the vehicle if it is stolen. THEFTWise Theft Deterrent System gives the consumer peace of mind and financial protection.

THEFTWise Theft Deterrent System is permanently installed on the consumer’s vehicle to effectively deter against vehicle theft. The limited product warranty benefits are provided in the event that the system fails and the covered vehicle is stolen and not recovered within 30 days, or the vehicle is recovered but declared a total loss as a result of the theft. Theft-deterrent window stickers are provided to identify the car as being protected by THEFTWise.

THEFTWise Product Warranty Coverage:
$5,000 THEFTWise benefit with a five year term.

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