Protecting a vehicle’s
trade-in or sale value

The chance of getting in a car accident in the next year is 1 in 16.*
There are 6.2 Million car accidents in the U.S. each year.*

After an accident, even a properly repaired vehicle is worth a lot less than a comparable vehicle that was never damaged. The vehicle’s trade-in or sale value has diminished. It can now be worth 30% less! This is diminished value.

When the vehicle is sold or traded-in, its CARFAX® report will reflect a lower value. These types of reports make it easy for the next buyer to know whether the vehicle has been in an accident. This can automatically reduce the vehicle’s value even if the car is in excellent condition.

VALUEWise protects against a financial loss from diminished value, up to $10,000.

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VALUEWise Cancellations

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