Declare Your Ownership

The odds of recovering a stolen vehicle are greatly improved when police can trace the ownership of the vehicle. ETCHWise Theft Deterrent links cars back to their owners, giving dealer customers peace of mind.


Body Panel Stickers
Body panels include a set of eight stickers, marked with a specific code, which are placed inside the body of the car. These stickers are linked back to the ETCHWise Theft Deterrent contract and the vehicle’s VIN number, which is reported to a national VIN database. Stickers can be removed at any time — however, the code will remain, invisible to the naked eye but visible under a blue light, providing ownership information to the police. The set also includes two theft-deterrent window stickers, which identify the car as being protected by ETCHWise.

Window Etching
Window etching is a more discreet way for consumers to mark their vehicles. Using etching cream and stencils, a dealership is able to permanently etch the unique ID code into the glass. The code’s presence alerts potential thieves that the car can be easily linked back to the original owner.


A $3,000 theft benefit that includes additional coverage for such things as car rental, trip interruption, towing reimbursement, storage reimbursement, homeowner’s/renter’s deductible and comprehensive/collision deductible.

A $5,000 theft benefit that includes reimbursement for up to $500 of your comprehensive/collision insurance policy’s deductible if your vehicle is stolen, recovered within 30 days and not deemed a total loss.

See program guidelines and specific warranty agreement for exact coverage benefits.


Please review the entire ETCHWise contract for all terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions. Administration and Obligor services for ETCHWise provided by Administration America LLC, 900 S. Highway Dr., Suite 100, Fenton, MO 63026. Administration America LLC is part of the Wise F&I LLC family of companies.

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