Wise F&I Launches Vehicle Diminished Value Protection

New VALUEWise Protects the Value of Vehicles in Partial Loss Accidents.

Wise F&I announces its newest offering, VALUEWise, an automotive diminished value protection program. The number of car accidents in the U.S. each year is 6.2 Million and according to the sciencechannel.com, “The chance of getting in a car accident in the next year is 1 in 16.” After being in an accident, even if properly repaired, a damaged vehicle’s loss in value can often exceed 30%. With VALUEWise, the consumer is protected against this diminished value and could receive up to $4,000 more when they trade-in or sell their vehicle.

“Everyone knows that accidents happen, and frequently,” said Matt Croak, President, Wise F&I. “VALUEWise gives consumers peace of mind knowing that if and when they get into an accident, their financial investment is still protected. And, as one of the only programs protecting against diminished value, it provides a great opportunity for our agents, dealers and lending partners as well.”

With the addition of VALUEWise, Wise F&I now offers consumers a complete financial protection package. VALUEWise protects against a partial loss from diminished value, and is available on all eligible vehicles, new or pre-owned, regardless of condition. It complements Wise F&I’s GAPWise, which protects against financial loss due to a vehicle’s total loss or theft. Wise F&I’s additional products include: WiseCARE, WiseTVP, WiseMVP, TIREWise, THEFTWise and KEYWise. All Wise F&I products are available for electronic contracting.

PRWeb 6/1/17