Wise F&I Integrates with MenuSys

MenuSys integration

Wise F&I integrates with MenuSys, offering automotive dealers a streamlined online solution. Wise F&I is a leading finance and insurance product provider connecting automotive dealers to products, rates and contracts through MenuSys. This real-time access provides increased speed and reliability through direct integration from MenuSys. The integration supports a range of Wise F&I products including GAP, Appearance Care, Tire and Wheel, Vehicle Service Contracts and Theft Deterrent programs. Wise F&I products will be presented through MenuSys, ensuring up-to-date pricing and information to their customers.

“Providing accuracy and customer satisfaction is our goal as we continue to expand our technology solutions and provide the best in product offerings and contract processing,” said Matt Croak, President, Wise F&I. “MenuSys offers the dealers direct integration with our products and helps to further build relationships.”

Wise F&I’s suite of products include: GAPWise, WiseCARE, TIREWise, WiseTVP, THEFTWise KEYWise. All Wise F&I products are available for electronic contracting through MenuSys.

About Wise F&I https://www.wisefandi.com

Wise F&I has a long history of success in the automotive finance and insurance space, initially specializing in Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) then expanding over the years to now include a full array of F&I products including: Appearance Care Service Contracts, Tire and Wheel Protection, Vehicle Service Contracts, Theft Deterrent Systems, Key Replacement and other ancillary products. Wise F&I branded products are marketed through independent agents to automotive dealers. Additionally, Wise F&I supports private label programs and strategic partnerships with automotive lenders and finance companies on both a national and regional basis. All products are fully compliant and underwritten by an A- rated (or better) insurance carrier.

With 25 years in the industry, Wise F&I’s experience allows the delivery of complete contract origination solutions supported by online capabilities and efficient and accurate claims and cancellation processing. With a focus on building partnerships, and a priority on customer service, Wise F&I is the F&I provider of choice.

About MenuSys http://www.menusys.com

MenuSys, LLC, based in Eau Claire, WI, has been delivering a highly innovative solution to dealers and general agents since 2004. We offer an income development solution not just a menu system. It’s a complete sales solution that will positively impact sales and service revenue. Our system includes sales, finance, service and tablet menus along with reporting and goal tracking that will allow dealers to enhance revenue while meeting state and federal compliance requirements. We also offer Dealer Management System (DMS) integration for multiple providers and real-time service contract rating with e-contracting for improved reliability in numbers. The MenuSys solution utilizes industry leading technology for maximum availability and reliability, with a focus on ease-of-use.

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