Notice 036: WiseMVP VSC Updates – Expanded Contract Terms & Other Changes

We are excited to announce that the following additional WiseMVP coverage terms (for higher mileage vehicles) will be available beginning on November 1, 2021:

Vehicle Odometer Reading at PurchaseNew Contract Term Available
100,001 to 150,00060 months/60,000 miles
150,001 to 175,00024 months/30,000 miles
30 months/30,000 miles
36 months/36,000 miles
175,001 to 200,00018 months/18,000 miles
24 months/24,000 miles
24 months/30,000 miles

To support the additional coverage terms, an updated WiseMVP VSC contract form is replacing the current form version. Our eContracting system has been configured such that beginning November 1, 2021, all WiseMVP contracts written will be automatically generated using the new form version.

The new WiseMVP contract also features the following expanded coverage enhancements:

“Sign and Drive” Emergency Roadside Assistance including towing, lockout assistance, flat tire assistance, fuel delivery services and battery service available 24 hours a day/365 days a year ($100 limit per incident)

Body lifts/drops and suspension lifts coverage increased from 4 inches to 6 inches

An updated class guide and certain changes to the WiseMVP rates will accompany this form change and will be effective on November 1, 2021. For your benefit, an updated rate sheet and class guide will be available shortly.

As described above, all of these enhancements and changes are minor. We do not expect any disruption to your current WiseMVP sales process.

We know that you may have questions or concerns; so, please feel free to contact your Account Executive or Wise F&I Client Services (at 800-849-9559 or for additional information.

Notice: 036

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