Notice 025: March 20, 2020 – Wise F&I Response To Covid-19 Pandemic

Wise F&I Response To Covid-19 Pandemic.

As we’ve seen the current pandemic of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) escalate over the last few weeks, our team has been proactively dealing with the situation including monitoring and following the recommendations of the CDC, the federal task force, and our state/local governments. We want to ensure the safety of our employees, business partners, and clients while also delivering the same industry-leading support and service you have come to expect from Wise F&I. We have taken many actions as described below in order to ensure that we continue to meet our business commitments in these difficult times.

We have been in almost daily communication with our team members sharing pertinent information as it became available, in addition to informing them of proactive steps we are taking. We have shared recommendations from the CDC and other government agencies along with reminders of the importance of meeting our client support expectations.

Very early, we equipped our team members with access to hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial wipes, and also took steps to ensure the cleanliness and sanitization of our office with updated deep-cleaning standards for our cleaning staff.

Earlier this week, we took significant steps in order to implement social distancing in our workplace via the following steps:

  • We deployed approximately half of our team to work remotely from home. We have confirmed they are all fully operational and will help us ensure the service provided to you and your dealers is uninterrupted.
  • For the few team members that are still remaining in the building, we have strategically move certain individuals throughout the office in order to achieve at least 6-8 feet of distance between any two, team member’s work stations.

You may not know this, but over the last few years, Wise F&I has taken the necessary steps to ensure that most of our mission critical systems are web-based, hosted off-premise and can be accessed from anywhere securely via an internet connection. These systems include our phone, email, contract administration & CRM platform(s), and shared network resources. We want to ensure you that our team is working as productively as ever to guarantee the service and support that makes our partnerships with you so successful.

As we have come to understand, the current pandemic is an ongoing and very fluid situation. We will continue to monitor the situation and take appropriate actions as needed to not only keep our team members safe, but also do all that we can to provide you and your dealers the support and service you expect. We will share any pertinent updates with you as they become available or as additional changes are made.

We know that you may have questions or concerns; so, please feel free to contact your Account Executive, or Wise F&I Client Services by calling 800-849-9559 or by email to Additionally, you may feel free to contact any member of our Executive Management team.

Wise F&I is here to support you and your dealers. We are thankful for all that you do to contribute to our mutual success. Please stay safe and healthy, and let us know if there is anything we can do to help you.

Notice: 025

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